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Dental Office Sterilization/Do Not Assume !!

28 Mar

Is your dental office taking the proper steps in sterilization procedures to protect you and your family?Unfortunately and sadly the answer is probably ,NO.DO NOT assume anything when it comes to the safety of your family.

We had our annual meeting yesterday with our consultant on OSHA and Blood born pathogen standards. We have worked with this individual for years making every effort to be independently reviewed, inspected and critiqued on the quality of our in office patient protection standards.He has always told  us we are in the top 5% of offices he works with and he see offices all around the western United States and lectures nationally .

Here is the problem ! You are either doing things right or you are not!! It is pass or fail here , you do not get a grade! That means according to our expert, 95% OF THE DENTAL OFFICES OUT THERE ARE NOT PROPERLY PROTECTING THEIR PATIENTS WHEN IT COMES TO STERILIZATION!!You need to spread the word and let your friends and family know what risks they are taking. We are always accepting new patients and are glad to talk to them about all our sterilization standards  .

Some questions to ask :

What type of COLD sterilization do you use and for what ? This is a trick question because by today’s standards if any thing cannot be heat sterilized then in our office it is thrown away! We have no cold sterile system.

Are all of the instruments to be used on me today bagged AND DATED ? They should be and should remain so until you enter the room.

There are so many areas/questions to ask but in asking  just those two I am sure the majority of the offices will fail . Do not put you or your family at risk it’s time to find a dental office that does thing right and not put them at risk to life changing infection!

Dental Rubber Dam A Guide to Quality

19 Mar

Hopefully you are aware of what a rubber dam is . That means your dentist is or was trying  to maintain a high standard of care when working on you. The dental dam is a 6 inch square of latex with holes punched in it .These holes  are for your teeth to stick through while the dentist works on them. It allows procedures such as root canals to be done with out anything falling down your throat ! It is also a means to isolate your teeth from the contamination of blood or saliva while placing composite (tooth colored filling material ). If contaminated it would greatly shorten the life expectancy of the filling.

These rubber dams have been around for generations. We are made to use them on almost every patient in dental school and are actually graded on how well we apply them on our patients during the state board examinations.A dentist who does not use them always has an excuse but if some drastically goes wrong there really is no real legal defense . The rubber dam just makes for better dentistry. In my opinion if your dentist is not using a dam where else are they compromising when working on you?

A Trusted Source

14 Mar

Relationships and trust is what we do here,not just dentistry. Just saw Daryl today a patient for over 30 years! We have patients that grew up we me that are now bringing their children to see us. We are a trusted source for dental care in Sonoma County.


Dental Implants How Long Do They Last ?

11 Mar

How long will my implant last? When I give my patients an estimate for the cost of a dental implant this is a common and very fair question that I am asked. My standard answer is that, done by a skillful and knowledgeable team, they are highly successful and predictable. I began working with dental implants almost 20 years ago and the implant (and the patient!!) are doing great. The key is working with a reputable and experienced team. No clinics here. I work with a select few periodontists and oral surgeons to place the implants for my patients. I have found, unfortunately, that even the specialists vary greatly with their skill and ability to place implants. It’s more than fair to make sure your dentist is experienced and has a good team to work with. Not every implant will last forever. There are exceptions, but for the most part done correctly the first time, it will never need to be replaced again. If you have experienced a failed implant or even worse multiple failures then get a second opinion. If the implant and the crown were done by the same person and you feel that the dentist  is not giving you straight answers as to why the implant failed, then make an appointment with a periodonist or oral surgeon to take a look. If your dentist gives you any excuses as to why you should not seek a second opinion then you should be very suspicious. Make that call to us today! 707-527-7400