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No Dr Oz !!

29 Apr

On April 16th I posted a blog on composite fillings.I just received an article from the American Dental Association objecting to information Dr Oz put forth on March 28th of this year.

As I explained in my prior blog ,  I no longer use amalgam,but not because of safety issues. Dr Oz apparently put out some misleading information which is too bad because I believe he is a great source for better ,  healthier  lifestyles.

Link to the ADA article to read more and read my April 16th posting. Keep smiling !!


22 Apr

We are ALWAYS pleased to welcome new patients to our office ! If you are considering us please take your time on the web page. We do not mind being examined carefully. It is an important choice and in this blog area there are good in sites into the questions you should be asking us and all offices you are thinking about.

If you are a current patient and are happy with our services then do us the favor of spreading the word to your friends!! Your choice, but a Facebook ” like” is helpful and if you have the time, a positive YELP comment would be very appreciated.I am honored to take care of your friends and relatives.

Composite fillings

16 Apr

Composite( or tooth colored fillings) have become the norm in dentistry. I have not placed an amalgam (silver) filling in over ten years. Composite,when placed correctly, is kinder structurally to the tooth than amalgam. It certainly looks better and when placed correctly can last just as long as amalgam.

Here are some of the problems, however. Composite is very technique sensitive where amalgam really is not. If not placed correctly it can be very heat or cold sensitive afterwards. This can have much to do with how the dentist handles the bonding materials. It is also very important that except for gum line fillings that a rubber dam be used!

A rubber dam is that square of rubber that goes over the teeth to isolate them from contamination from blood and saliva  . If either get on the tooth during placement of the filling it will fail much sooner than necessary. If your dentist is not using a rubber dam you better receive a VERY good answer as to why!

Also remember that amalgam is still a very adequate material, just not my choice. I think it just places a nice metal wedge in the middle of the tooth that will eventually lead to fracture of the tooth.Also remember that the American Dental Association still deems amalgam perfectly safe. To tell someone they need to remove amalgam due to potential health hazards is at this point malpractice and fraudlent.


3 Apr



3 Apr

Take a moment and read my post from last week. Unfortunately within a few days of my post an Oral Surgeon in Tulsa was shut down for exposing as many as 7000 patients to hepatitis and HIV viruses. This is becoming a huge problem! 

Lets not spread disease but spread the word to hold your health care providers to the proper standards required by law.