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Bridges vs Implants/ No Contest!!

6 Jun

I saw a patient the other day for a second opinion on whether or not he should have a lower  molar extracted. We had an x-ray  that the other dentist had taken but even without that it was clear that the tooth was so badly decayed under an old crown we could not save it.

I asked him if the other dentist had explained the implant process or shown him models and case examples.He looked confused and said no,the dentist had just told him to get the tooth out and come back to do a bridge. I Doing this bridge (cap-false tooth-cap) to replace this lost molar meant cutting down a perfectly good tooth in front of the space and taking off a perfectly good crown in back of the space . The cost ?,about $3,500 vs an implant at about $4,000.Why would the dentist not advise the patient to get a consult for an implant ?Well both answers that come to mind bother me greatly.(back to ethics again). Either the dentist is ignorant about implants (not an excuse because in today’s world an implant IS the preferred treatment ) or more bothersome, the dentist makes much more money doing the bridge and there is no waiting time vs waiting months for an implant to heal and be ready.

Friends relatives need a second opinion ? New dentist ? We would be happy to see them and as you know treat them ethically and honestly.


Ethics in Dentistry

4 Jun

I do not mean to keep going back to this theme but the

entire concept of what appears to be a growing lack of

ethics in a profession I love is very bothersome to me.

I worked on a patient for three hours yesterday trying

to fix some TERRIBLE work by another dentist. Five years ago her front teeth were almost perfect. Now she has lost two teeth that are now implants. The other four are crowns with a questionable prognosis.

PLEASE have your friends and family thoroughly check out their dentist. Any doubts I am always available for a second opinion or email me.

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