Kids Lunches

19 Aug

It’s back to school time!! I may be preaching to the choir if you are savvy enough to read a blog but some of these tips are good reminders. As a parent I know its tough to follow everything our kids eat when we are not around. Their diets, like many things , are about educating them for healthy choices when we are not watching. Its best to pack their lunch with them the night before so you can discuss what is going in them together.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein but typical brands can be loaded with sugar. Look towards organic that is straight nut butter. Fresh fruit is obviously  great where dried fruits can have a high concentrate of sugars and that sticks to the teeth. If you feel the need to put candy in hard candy is the worst!! It is a long exposure time to sugar where chocolate disappears much more quickly without a long linger of exposure of sugar in the saliva.

 Also get them used to WATER !!  Juices , lots of sugar!! Soda obviously the worst!!  Even sugar free is bad, the carbonation is very tough on the enamel.Eating healthy for the teeth usually means you are eating healthy for the body . Your kids will win all the way around. It’s up to us as the adults to stand firm and help our children  to good health.


                          Dr  Latham





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