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Your Oral Cancer Screening

12 Nov

Dentistry today.. Oral Cancer screening. Once in awhile I am told that a patient will go up to the front desk after a cleaning appointment and comment on a rather nominal fee for their examination part of the appointment. “The doctor barely looked in my mouth”
Please understand that the examination fee is not only for my exam but for that of one of our VERY capable and professional dental hygienists.About two years ago I turned over the multiple point oral cancer screening exam to them.Thousands of patients in the state of California will die this year of oral cancer many of whom were in a dental office at least once.
When  a good dental hygienist is doing your cleaning she will check all your teeth and tissue . They cannot diagnose but they can make the doctor aware of what they feel might be an issue.Then the doctor can confirm their findings .
If your dental office is not giving you a GOOD oral cancer screening then we are here for you and your friends.